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Strategy and services

We design and implement AI adoption strategies

We analyze how to manage your Company processes, procedures, people and tools to make your target scenario work properly

You may need to simplify, optimize, automate… We identify actions and tools to take your AI strategy in action.

We identify AI solutions and tools requirements: you should need custom solution or adopt an existing product. We help you get what best fits your needs.

We build Proofs of Concept (POC) to visualize and test your AI tool.

We engineer your AI tools.

We support your Company in running AI solutions through the proper adoption of MLOPS.

We measure your AI strategy adoption maturity level.


We build AI tools

Forecasting models based on statistics and Machine Learning customized for different service and industry sectors. Results are obtained using the most up-to-date Explainable AI technologies.

Sales Forecasts: Estimate how your business will perform, based on historical data

Markdown Optimization: Find the Optimal Prize to Maximize your revenue

Customer Churn: Improve customer retention with predictive churn models

Inventory Forecast: Prevent the possibility of stockouts with forecasting analysis

Fraud prevention: Learn your transactions history to predict fraudulency of future transactions

Customer Segmentation: Cluster your consumers to improve your Business impact and to direct your decisions

Investment risk scoring and action: Evaluate risk appetite and suggest targeted actions

Predictive Maintenance: Anticipate the risk of emergency and expensive inefficiency, breakdown and malfunction with optimized mantainance base on AI models

Perform processes automation with customized solutions through data.

Fraud detection: Detect fraudulent transactions and create alerting systems to protect your Clients and your Company

Anomaly detection: Spot rare events out of expected trends and prevent inefficiencies

Sentiment analysis: Learn how to use Natural Language Processing to catch opinions, attitude, beliefs

Intelligent Document Processing: Automatically localize salient information from digital documents

Recommendation Systems: Implement an advanced recommendation system to match your customer interests and achieve your goals

Help desk automation: Simplify Ticket Processing with Ticketing and Classifiers Tools

Automate inventory replenishment: Trigger Stock Replacement when needed

Process mining and optimized process redesign: Improve your business processes and increase your efficiency with AI, detecting critical processes throught data analysis and analytics models

Intelligent message dispatching: Automatize Information Delivery

Automation through automatic interaction: Interaction bots to understand customers

Exploit video analytics for business and security purposes

Enhance Workplace Safety: Set predictive alerts and notificiations based on sensors to minimize risks and prevent injuries

Pattern Recognition: Reconstruct the path of moving objects in eterogeneous environments

Customer Affluency in Store: Strenghten your affluency statistics with deep learning based counting

Sports performance monitoring: Evaluate individual/team performance through objective analysis of your game

Tools to search and classify information

Search engines: Find key information from documents using modern approaches like NLP/NLU

Document Classification: Analize your documents with the most modern techniques of NLP and OCR and organize them by theme. Automatically check document

Web Scraping: Extraction of data and information from a website through techniques like fetching and web crawling

Conversational systems based on the latest technologies

Virtual Assistant – Chatbot: Use AI to perform your tasks with commands or questions sent to a Chatbot or an Intelligent Virtual Assistant. Explore the power of Natural Language Understanding.


We desing AI training programs

We design custom AI training programs to make your Teams acquire basic or advanced skills to manager AI strategy and tools.