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Energee4 is the Energee3 Company specialized in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence products and services.

Energee4 was founded in 2002 to provide innovative products and services, developing solutions in the field of text and image analysis that rely on natural language processing, topic discovery and latent semantic-based search approaches.
In 2019 it entered into partnership with Tennis Commander , an exclusive startup dedicated to tennis enthusiasts capable of providing game statistics through artificial intelligence; successively, in 2020, the Energee group became a shareholder of the same startup. Since then, by incorporating its assets, Energee4 skills extended to the field of image and video processing, also through the use of Big Data,  bringing greater value to the group.
EGS certification

Sustainability, ethics and social impact

Behind Energee4 there are people and interpersonal relationships. This entails professional ethics, trust between colleagues, seriousness towards customers and suppliers, personalized employee training, positive corporate climate. Do you want to know the company’s commitment to its employees, its customers, and our sustainability plan?