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Fraud detection

Detect fraudulent transactions and create alerting systems to protect your Clients and your Company

Anomaly detection

Spot rare events out of expected trends and prevent inefficiencies

Sentiment analysis

Learn how to use Natural Language Processing to catch opinions, attitude, beliefs

Automation through automatic interaction

Interaction bots to understand customers

Intelligent message dispatching

Automatize Information Delivery

Automate inventory replenishment

Trigger Stock Replacement when needed

Help desk automation

Simplify Ticket Processing with Ticketing and Classifiers Tools

Recommendation Systems

Implement an advanced recommendation system to match your customer interests and achieve your goals

Intelligent Document Processing / Visual Document Understanding

Automatically localize salient information from digital documents

Process mining and optimized process redesign

Improve your business processes and increase your efficiency with AI, detecting critical processes throught data analysis and analytics models


Banks and Fintech
Industry 4.0